Sunday, 18 May 2014


MAY 18, 2014

I am in pain today but it was worth it. Since I last posted I had had the opportunity for one extended motorcycle ride and that was only about 150 kms. The weather here has been that bad. All that changed for one glorious day yesterday as it got up to 24 degrees in some parts of the island. I took full advantage and my riding buddy Frank (furry G) Gogos and I headed Northeast to Bonavista in search of icebergs. By the end of the day we had travelled over 600 kms and had some great shots of said icebergs.

The pain part relates to a recent car accident I had. A young woman came through a stop sign and cut me off resulting in the front of my truck buckling the side of her SUV. My neck, shoulders and back haven't been the same since and I have been popping painkillers, muscle relaxers and using ice extensively. Next will be ongoing massage and physiotherapy. This is all such a nuisance but if I don't see to it, it makes general physical activity uncomfortably sore and things like extended motorcycle rides painful...but I endure!

Bonavista, for anyone not from the rock who happens to stumble 'cross the ramblings, is about 280 kms northeast of St. John's. It is believed to be John Cabot's landing point when he "discovered" the new found land in 1497. My riding buddy this day was Frank. We work well together as we both enjoy extended highway rides and a rapid pace...though some how he has been more fortunate than I in avoiding the long arm of the law as regards speeding tickets. Our first stop of the day was actually in Trinity. Again for any non-natives, Trinity is another historic Newfoundland community. I believe it lays claim to the location of the first established court in the new world. It is a beautiful place and the drive around the harbour to enter the town is one o f the most scenic in the province. Frank and I stopped in to see two great people, Kevin & Loretta Toope. They are friends and Kevin also shares his vast knowledge of the island's history through his walking tour of the town. If you are ever in the area, I highly recommend this. 

Like many Newfoundland outports, Trinity had started to fade as our inshore cod fishery became more of an offshore fishery, and then was virtually destroyed by over fishing and mismanagement by the Canadian government. In the 90's however, Rising Tide Theatre came to town to create a theatrical re-enactment based on the rich 500 year old history of the area. The theatre grew and so to has the fortunes of the town. One wonderful aspect of Trinity is that it retains it's historic feel. The buildings are restored to a by-gone era and I always enjoy strolling it's lane ways and footpaths. The vibe of the place and the various plays put off by Rising Tide are another feature, in addition to Kev's tour, that make it a great place to visit.

Frank and I had a fine feed at Dock Marina restaurant, right on the water, and had planned to head back to St. John's. Frank was anxious to get back and see the first game of the NYR vs Montreal Stanley cup semi-finals. His support for Les Bleu, Blanc et Rouge is an area of discord between us, with me being a long suffering member of Leaf's Nation. Anyways we got talking to Kev & Loretta and Loretta's brother, Wilson, who told us of icebergs off Bonavista and along the shore. Plans changed, Frank missed the game (just as well given the case of whoop-ass NYR laid on Les Habs) and we headed for the bergs. Frank is an avid photographer and the following pictorial record is his fine handiwork. I like how the bergs and the bikes together give a sense of what this place is like. We're riding, a summer activity, but the reality that we are a little island in the north Atlantic, susceptible to many different climate elements, is brought home by the bergs in the background. By the way, the reality of our temperamental climate was made all to clear today as we reverted back to rain, fog and 4 degrees....sigh ;(    Anyways, yesterday the sun did shine and here's proof!

bergs and the coastline off of Cape Bonavista

Bikes with north Atlantic in background

iceberg alley

me and the bikes and a huge ocean

Frank's ride

Me & my 2000 Magna V4

Frank & his Harley

Close to the edge at Cape Bonavista

Cape Bonavista lighthouse

ice pans, growlers, as we call them here, in Bonavista.

There is still a fishery in Bonavista Harbour

So, that is the story of my first good road trip of the 2014 season. This weekend in Newfoundland, Canada for that matter, is the Victoria day weekend, in acknowledgement of the birthday of a former British monarch. (NL was Britain's first colony). Here on the rock we just call it May 24th, though it isn't always on that date...go figger! Anyways, now that it has come to pass we "hope" the weather will start to warm up on a more consistent basis, though today didn't bear that out. Still, it didn't snow and we have had May 24's where it has.

All the Best to anyone who happens by.

See You Out There...Ride On!


  1. Gorgeous pics Terry but it made me COLD looking at them. I know I sure can't ride those distances anymore.

  2. Thanks for the wonderful tour and great pictrures, some day we hope to get to "The Rock"

    1. If u get over and I am here at the time I'll be happy to show u around.