Saturday, 11 October 2014

Refueling the soul

When I was a kid being raised staunch Catholic I was taught the soul was that part of you the lives on after you die; the entity that goes to heaven or hell depending on one's earthly lifestyle. I still like to believe there is something better after this life but I'm not sure what element of my being or with what  level of consciousness I will experience it. I have come to think of my soul, though, as my spirit, the piece of me that processes how I experience daily life and how I represent myself to the world in response to those experiences....and now a note about the weather. One of my posts from a few months back described spring as a season that nudges along. Truth be told, I don't think Newfoundland has spring, at least not like the season other places have, where one gets the sense summer is just around the corner. Fall here, though, it arrives differently and definitely; a clear precursor to the misery that is our winter. That isn't to say our Fall is miserable. It's actually much nicer than our spring.

 When the "dome of dullness that was August" lifted it was September and there was a definite feel of Fall in the air. Oh we still got a fair bit of sun and some days above 20, but the breeze had a coolness and the nights now required a jacket if you wanted to sit outside. of course, also with September came the end too of my holiday break. Year 28 as an educator began with the start of this school year. I have to be honest, I don't have the same enthusiasm for it that I once did. I think I still do a competent enough job but I do find the stress affects me far more than it used to and my belief that I will effect earth shattering change has long been tempered with a healthy dose of realism... though not cynicism, I hope. Anyways, it is in that context that I seek out and wring joy from the "moments" of escape, also the topic of an earlier blog.

This past two weekends provided several moments of happy distraction, with a little bit of white knuckle riding mixed in for Sherry & I. Last weekend Sherry and I headed out over the TCH under sunny skies with a forecast that promised a window of clear weather for a couple of hours. Within half an hour however, the sky had blackened and rain was coming in sheets. The wind gusts made the return trip back to town quite an adventure. The next day proved more amenable to riding. Though somewhat breezy on the TCH, my buddy Frank and I headed out and did make it as far as Goobies for  some lunch, a round trip of about 300kms.

Early October delivered another pleasant enough weekend this past couple of days. Yesterday was one of those rarest of rare days with virtually no wind. It was cool but not cold and the bike was running very well in the fall air. As I gazed over the windshield at the open highway ahead of me I had a strong feeling of tranquillity. For that couple of hours over those few hundred kilometres and at a rapid pace, all wearying worries of the week that was or the week to come were gone. There was only the thrill of accelerating into a straight-away or leaning into curves as though I was on rails. I need such times if I am to have any chance of dealing with the stressors reality throws at me. Goobies was again my destination and I had a great lunch at Breens before hitting the road for the return leg. Once back in town we were invited to supper and a fire at friends, Kevin and Loretta Toope. Outside of riding, the serene feeling of tranquillity I get from having a rum and staring into a blazing fire is one of my favourite experiences and another of those soul refuelling moments. As well, the friendship of kind and genuine people is a real blessing and I consider myself fortunate to have this.

None of the things I have written about here would have any meaning, however, if not for the fact that I have the foundation for  happiness and peace in the companionship, support and love of my wife Sherry. I frequent marvel in utter disbelief on the serendiptious events that brought us together in August of 1987. I am lucky and blessed beyond measure for the wonderful life she has given me. Everything we do together picks me up from whatever daily experience may have pushed me down. Today we had a grand hike of about 5 kms and racked up another 150 kms on the bike, although the weather network was again off in its time frame for good weather. We did manage to get back in off the highway without getting too wet and the rain held off hitting St. John's long enough for us to partake in one of our favourite simple pleasures, sharing a piece of dessert and a coffee/tea at the Rocket it was bread pudding.

So all in all it was a positive weekend. Work begins again tomorrow and I don't know what the week holds in store for me but I at least have the fuel to attempt to tackle whatever is week at a time is how I am approaching year 28.

See Ya Out There...Ride On!


  1. Glad you had a nice weekend. Hiking and riding always do wonders for peace of mind. Being close to your spouse and enjoying activities together are two of the best things in life.

    Hubby and I met in 1994 and married in 1996. We chuckle when people still think we are newlyweds.

  2. Not sure if you are in the U.S or Canada, but here in the great white North it's thanksgiving and the good fortune of having my spouse in my life is #1 on my thankful list. Thanks for stopping by. See Ya Out There! Ride On....

  3. Funny how the love of a good woman helps you handle almost anything in life. :)

    1. True indeed and I have one of the best. Thanks for droppping by. see ya Out There...Ride On!