Sunday, 27 April 2014

'Tis the Season

April 27, 2014

Following a couple of days of reasonably consistent rain, I judged the asphalt to be sufficiently cleansed of salt residue. I pulled the ST out of hibernation and had a my first highway run of the 2014 season on Saturday afternoon. It was only a short sprint, a little over 100kms, as I had to get back into town to pick up my youngest at the airport. Still, it was great to get out on the road. The first run of the season is always particularly enjoyable as it reawakens that sensation of freedom that nothing else like a motorcycle ride gives me. I drove out the TCH as far as Roaches Line, a smidge over 50kms outside of St. John's, in case anyone not familiar with our geograpghy stumbles upon these musings. I tend to drive at an pretty good clip and I was fortunate to encounter several like-minded car drivers behind whom I tucked in, so as to avoid the prying eyes of the RCMP radar. I've been dinged pretty heavily these past few years and I need to avoid another hefty ticket, and worse-- the loss of points. It's tough because I find riding at the speed limit boring and both my bikes are 4 cylinders and were made for quick acceleration & high speeds on the highway.

Anyways, I had hoped to get in another ride today, but the drizzle and fog never did let go. I went out to my brother's place and picked up my cruiser, a 2000 Honda Magna V4 750. By the time I covered the 15 or so kms from his place to mine my fingers were numb. I did manage to get out earlier in the day and wash the ST. It had a fair bit of grime from the one winter run I made in January when we were in the middle of a thaw. Both bikes are now tucked side by side in the shed, awaiting the arrival any opportunity mother nature provides to shake of the dust off from everyday living. Its a bit tight in there right now as I only just got the snow blower put into summer storage and have yet to organise the Christmas decoration and other items I have been tossing into the shed over the winter.  The brown box you see in the right corner of pic one is the new patio set. The new 4000 watt generator is behind that (said generator made necessary by the dubious management of those in charge of our electricity generation grid her in NL). I've gotten pretty good at manoeuvring both bikes in and out and so the shed, which is 10x14, is quite workable. It has to be--that 20 x 16 garage isn't likely to be in the budget anytime soon.

Well, that's about the extent of my musings for now. It's late as I write this and 6:30 AM will come soon enough. My restful Easter break is over, so it's back to school for the homestretch. Hopefully next time I post we will have had some warmer and sunnier weather and I will have had the opportunity to have had a few extended rides... maybe even have some pics to show for it.

See you out there...Ride On!!!


  1. Nice to get the bikes out hopefully you will get some warm weather soon.

  2. I'll ride in most any temps, as long as it's not raining too heavily, but some sun and warm would be nice.

  3. And I repeat - my bike is STILL in the garage !!!