Sunday, 13 April 2014

Spring pics up Speed.

So, a while back I wrote a blog about spring nudging along. And, indeed, that is what it will continue to do for several more weeks. However, developments in the past 10 days are very promising. Spring has picked up speed in its advance and has clearly taken hold as the pics below will attest.

This first one was taken on April 1st, when Sheila and her damn brush dropped nearly 50 cms over 48 hours. The deck was piled high up to the rails and the BBQ was buried.

Well, as you can see from the pic taken earlier today, the snow is receding, albeit reluctantly.

Thank God. it was a hell of a long winter, one that came early with heavy snow in December and lasted basically for four months. Now there will be lots of rain for the next couple of months but warmer temps are already here ( a balmy plus 7 today). If  it continues and we get enough rain to cleanse the asphalt of salt residue, we may get the riding season started in earnest here by late April or early May.

I haven't had much to blog about since last time I shared my musings. I am chugging along through the first of Peter Guralnick's two bio's on Elvis. It is an interesting and intricate study of the first four to five years of his career. It has caused me to go back and pull out the 50's Elvis cds that I haven't listed to in some time. I'm listening now with greater insight into how revolutionary and primitive these early recordings were, all at once.

On the movie front I recently watched American Hustle..."OK", and Dallas Buyers Club, "very good". Other than that the only out of the routine news is my recent surgery for cataracts. I have to wear these god awful goggles for a week, but I have a strange urge to play da blues...

Well, that's all for now and probably for a while. I have one more week to endure and then it's Easter break here for 10 days. We'll return in time to welcome in May and the school year is in it's home stretch. I'll get lots of rest over the break, especially since the Leafs pulled another collapse and meekly bowed out of the playoffs. In our time zone playoff hockey would mean 11:30 to 12:00 AM nights; later if overtime was necessary.... No worries 'bout that now.

Safe travels to all u Canadians heading North from your winter hideout in the sunny South.Thanks for sharing and getting this snowbound motorcycle rider through a tough stretch

See Ya out There...Ride On!

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  1. The last thing you want to hear but.....the bikes are out like crazy here !! LOL Haven't gotten mine out yet because Tuesday & Wednesday of this week we're going down in the temps again. But after that.....

    That's the one thing I've always liked about Ontario - it actually gets a Spring.