Sunday, 30 March 2014

Cold Day In Hell

So, we have all heard those threats, promises, predictions...whatever word one wants to use, stating "it'll be a cold day in hell when..." OK folks, I expect to see a lot of these things coming true 'cause this winter has been hell and it sure is cold, so... Crap, Now I have to worry about my mother-in-law moving in because I did say it'll be a cold day in hell before I let that happen.

This morning's screen on the Environment Canada website has a big yellow bar with "Winter Storm Watch" emblazoned on it. Frankly, I am tired of watching this winter so I would like to decline the offer. Geez, even my vicariously lived life was thrown a curve yesterday when reading my friend Sass's blog where she posted pics of that white misery as it collected on the windscreen of her RV. You're comin' North too early my friend.

A recent commenter on my blog (apparently people do stop by occasionally) queried about my writing about snow. Well, you know what they always tell writers "write what you know" and man do we know snow up here. Also, this blogging about my misery has been therapeutic, like sharing the burden  until I can get back on the bike again, whenever riding season does come around.

Enough about snow. Hopefully the lion will roar, March will go out with said roar and April will bring those showers I have heard about..then I can write about the rain.Yippee!!!!

I have been getting lots of practise in  readiness for my planned retirement in a couple of years. I just finished reading my second book by John Elder Robison called Raising Cubby. Robison was raised in the 60's & 70's and "suffered" with Aspbergers before anyone really knew what that disorder was. His first book about his struggle is called Look Me In The Eye. I recommend it, if you are into reading bios. He has a third book called Be Different, that I plan to get as well. I am a big autobiography/biography fan. I was working my way through an Elvis book, Last Train to Memphis, when I got sidetracked with Robison's book. I will pick up Last Train...again now. By the way, Robison's brother wrote a very well know book, one that was made into a movie, called Running With Scissors.

I do look forward to the days when this reading will be my primary task for the day, that and riding my motorcycle where ever the road and wind lead me. My current status as a junior high school counsellor requires  in depth thinking,  for which I find I no longer have the enthusiasm  that that I once did. I still enjoy working with the kids. It's the adults that leave me shaking my head. I know I am getting close to being paroled though. On Friday a social worker from Child Services called with an enquiry. Here in Newfoundland we  have that small world mentality where we try to make connections to a place or person. So, when the young woman said her name, I recognised it as being common to the Southern Shore. With just a couple of questions it turns out I knew her mom, and, get this, I was the social worker's elementary school guidance counsellor. Now this might make one feel old, and for a moment I did. But, one must get to this point so that one can see the light of retirement at the end of the tunnel. I see that light (Please God, do not let it be a train).

So burying my mind in a good book or in the tales of bloggers out there still sitting in 30+ degree heat in Arizona in March is getting me through. That and window shopping for my future home on wheels, a pic of which I posted in an earlier post. So again I say thanks to those who meander by to take in my musings. Leave a comment as it is always nice to hear from fellow bloggers, plus I am always interested in the ramblings on new blogs I find out about. Stories of road trips down desert back roads or open highways under clear blue sky, or tales of finding an interesting market place and other various sights, sure beats the reality of March in Newfoundland.

See Ya Out There. Ride On...


  1. And you thought it was all FUN FUN FUN and WARM WARM WARM.

    Only being allowed in the U.S. for 6 months means we have to endure some of the Fall and Spring COLD temps !!

  2. When on the hunt for a rig to live in after your retirement maybe you should think about what kind of a life you will prefer and then find a rig to fit the lifestyle. For example, will you spend most of your parked life in rv parks or will you be out in the wild without hookups? Will you need power to climb mountains or will you travel along the coasts? Make a list of the types of things you would like to do or places you will want to go and find a rig type that fits best for each of those items. In other words, make the rig selection fit your needs and not the other way around.

    Last year we purchased a 2008 Fleetwood Expedition 34H (diesel pusher) because it fit what we wanted to do most: see the USA and Canada, mostly cities and towns to enjoy the local music, food and culture. We stay in state and federal parks, as well as commercial rv parks, but we are almost always hooked up to utilities. We tow a Chevy Cruz, which is not built for off-road exploring. But that's us, and not everyone's cup of tea.

    You have to chart your own journey. Have fun!

  3. Thanks for the insight. I'm still waffling between a Class A and a travel trailor with a big honkin' truck to tow it. I have two motorcyces as well. Today as we are in the midst of an Aprils Fools snow storm (50 cm) all these dream feel far away indeed.

  4. There is some really nice 5th wheel toy haulers out there too. So many choices to make and so much to choose from.
    Keep reading dreaming and researching soon you will be here too.