Sunday, 2 March 2014

Pot Holes & Piece of Mind

It's March 2, Sunday. Despite what my mom taught me as a child, Sunday is a work day for me, typically. As a junior high school counsellor, I have to prepare for the upcoming week. The nature of my job, or any job in education, is such that you don't walk in the door and start doing it on a Monday morning without having done prep work in advance. Sunday is prep-work day. After 27 years, I'm use dot it, but again it is one of the many aspects of my life I do look forward to abandoning in the near future when retirement does finally become my reality.

So, nothing much to report since last time I wrote. The Olympic break is over and NHL hockey ( if that is what one can call what the Leafs do) has returned, so at least I have something to occupy three or four evenings each week. I'm in between books, having just finished a biography on Bruce Springsteen. I'm waiting to connect with my brother who has a bio on Elvis I am itching to read.

Winter still has a strong hold on us here in St. John's...cold and flurries all day. On top of that the spring "break-up" of our roads has come a tad early and the cavernous potholes are all over the place. It puzzles me how those who are responsible for maintaining the infrastructure of this city can do such an amazingly shitty job, but people in general shrug their shoulders and move on...that's always been a problem for me. One of the things I most look forward to in retirement is what I think will be a certain sense of freedom...piece of mind if you will. My tax contributions will go down with my reduced income, so at least those who do little with, and waste, our tax dollars will have less of mine to fitter away... I recently got a call from my son who was out with his girlfriend, in her mom's car. They were on the side of the highway, having hit a pot hole and suffered a flat. It was a wet, sleet sodden winter's night. I went to the rescue, as my son could not get the lugs of the wheel (they had been fastened with an impact gun). I managed to get the tire changed and as they drove away his girlfriend came to the sad realization she had , not one, but TWO flats...pot holes, indeed. Nothing left to do but call a tow. I had attempted to avoid the tire changing altogether by calling CAA when I first arrived, only to be told there was a 2 1/2 hour wait for response...apparently there were multiple pothole victims throughout our fair city by the sea on that night. Anyways..enough about potholes.

All in all, it was a pleasant enough weekend. I attended a riding brothers retirement party on Friday night. He was leaving the army after 28 years (at 46, mind you--lucky some ways, not all). Last night my wife and I used a Christmas gift card for Montana's restaurant and, along with one of my actual brothers and his wife, we took refuge against the winter's night in screech, nachos, ribs and chicken. Life can be good :) Outside of this, I did pick up a couple of new pieces of handcrafted leather adornments. Maybe I'll write about that next time. It seems with this blogging thing, pretty much any subject is cool--one gentleman whose travellers blog I follow, recently wrote about his new PJs, so....

No pics in this post. Although, I s'pose I could go out ant take  a pic o f the pot holes but that would be a tad bit over the top, me thinks.

To anyone who may happen upon these posts, I do hope the read has been interesting. All the best... See ya Out there! Ride On...

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