Sunday, 23 February 2014


So, it's another snowy, cold February day here in good 'ol St. John's NL, with the promise of more snow and freezing rain tomorrow.

I have heard that jailed inmates  must find a way to go somewhere in their mind, to escape the reality of prison life, if they are to have a chance of doing their time and not losing their sanity. While the connection between a Newfoundland winter and a stint in Dorchester is metaphorical to be sure, the principle via which one survives either is the same...transcendence. So, as I await freedom from this dreary season, I plan for the riding season and dream of the better times to come. My family is planning a European vacation this summer; Ireland & England. While the Irish part is shaping up to be a tour of various touristy sites and perhaps a connecting with my ancestral roots, the British part of the journey holds more interest to me, at least to the part of me that is a motorcycle enthusiast...a large part of me.
I have been looking at the website for the Ace Cafe, infamous within motorcycle circles for it's connection too the earliest days of the popularity of motorcycle riding and motorcycle racing in England. London also has a pretty impressive motorcycle museum.

Additionally, there is Birmingham and the home of the BSA bike heritage. The British National Motorcycle Museum is a scant two-three hour train ride away from our base in London and I am very much looking forward to whiling away a day there.  The irony that, as I plan and then partake in this holiday in July, I am losing out on prime riding time in Newfoundland, is a trade-off I have to accept. Family time is important and with my youngest having recently turned 16, the likelihood of another full family vacation anytime soon  is remote. They do grow up so fast.

For now, I dream of better days to come. Each time I have to go out to the shed to awaken the snow eating machine, I cannot help but be struck by the sad contrast created by it's position right next to my ST1300 Honda Tourer. This winter too, shall pass! And, someday, not too, too, far away, I shall step out the door of my RV is some warm Southern locale, look at  my bike, and begin livin' the dream.

See Ya Out There....Ride On!!!!

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  1. That show looks DISGUSTING !! Hope I don't have to deal with it anytime in the near future.

    I took a little ride into Yuma yesterday - yes on the bike !! - to have lunch with some friends. Some HOT it was.

    Retire already !!!!

    BTW, Time for another 'Blogging' lesson.