Thursday, 20 February 2014

In a New York state of mind

Well, in a bid to escape the doldrums of this long, cold & dreary winter in St. John's, NL, my wife, Sherry & I took advantage of a valentines weekend special our daughter found for us. We headed to NYC for an extended weekend. It was still cold but winter in NYC and winter here on the rock are different, to say the least.

Of course the weather had  to play it's games and we were on tender hooks wondering i f the forecasted storm on Friday would hit before we got out. Thankfully, our flight did get away before the storm closed in and I understand it turned out to be quite a nasty afternoon in St. John's. We landed in Montreal in a snow storm and for a while it was iffy whether our  journey might come to a halt there....not that a weekend in Montreal would be all that bad. Alas, after about an hour sitting on the tarmac at PET airport, going through de-icing twice, it was up-up and away. We landed in Newark NJ and had a great cab ride across the river (under it actually) to our hotel on west 57th. Our daughter recommended it. She is 21 and has been in NYC seven or eight times. It was only my second visit and the first for any extended period. Last time we dropped in for a quick overnight side trip, after taking in a couple of Springsteen shows at Giant Stadium, back in '08.

As far as trip's go, I guess it was a typical touristy weekend in NYC. We ate at a bunch or really nice restaurants..great food of course. My favourite was a little diner called the Brooklyn Diner, just up the street from our hotel. It had that diner car atmosphere and was always hopping. They have award winning breakfast ( I had the Tony Bennett french toast on two mornings). The homemade onion rings, delicious cheese burger and real NY cheesecake, all made on-sight, were tres yum! We ate at a place called the Briar Park Grill on Valentine's day and another place called the National, on 5th Ave, on Sunday (live jazz as we ate). Food was great, prices a tad high, especially for booze ($23.00 for a double rum, and ya can't get Screech or Cap'n Morgan).

We took in a couple of shows, as you'd expect. Jersey Boys was my favourite. I love that music. The entertainment was great, but I could spend hours just people watching and/or popping into the little "hole-in-the-wall" shops looking for interesting trinkets. We did shop a bit, Sherry more than I, because even with the exchange rate factored in, the prices were amazing. For me the hi-lite was the walk through Central park and skating on the rink there on Valentines Day. We did do a few other touristy things, like the top of the Rockefeller Centre at was pretty cool, but light shows that don't involve the stars are not really my thing.

I do have to mention our visit to the 9/11 site, the only "must" I had on my agenda for the trip. I can't call it  a hi-lite as it was too sombre and surreal an experience. They have done a fine job tastefully honoring the memories of those lost on that tragic day. 9-11-2001 is one of those "I remember where I was days/moments"!

Alas, after three-and-a-half days, it was time to go home. Now I did say the skating was the hi-light for me. True, but the free passes to the Air Canada lounge at PET airport on the return leg, given to us by a very kind friend, was quite enjoyable (They let me mix my own drinks and they had Cap'n Morgan dark-- I made up for the NYC doubles :o ).

Old mother nature still left us on edge on the return, with winds on Monday bouncing off 100 kms/h. We were concerned about getting into St. John's but thankfully the wind had died down to between 50-60 kms/h after midnight, so no biggie...normal here on the rock!

All in all, a great luggage lost, lots of things seen, done and eaten and a welcomed respite. Now, if only my son had kept the driveway clear and I didn't have to spend the last two days with a pick and multiple bags of salt trying to get rid of the solidified, sleet soaked snow... ah, winter!!! Can't wait to retire, buy the RV, and give this season the middle digit.

So, what would a tourist tale be without a few vacay pics...
9-11 Electrician: his bike and names of lost co-workers

NYC central Park duck pond

Incident on 57th... 

Under the Maple Leaf

Hot coffee at
Brooklyn Diner

Central Park

Not Cap'n Morgan but, it'll have to do!

Park vs. skyline

Pretty lights

Central Park rink

Salisbury Room

Sherry in central park



selfie atop the NYC's version of the rock

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  1. Well you obviously had a great weekend. Great pictures there also. BUT $23.00 for a double rum !!!! Jeeze, I'd have to want it pretty bad to pay that price !!