Thursday, 13 February 2014

Oh My God..I have a headache!!!

Technically inclined I am least when it comes to computers and the internet. My friend Sass (BTW, Sass, I dunno if anyone reads this besides U!) who is livin' the dream of RV/motorcycle freedom that I want to, has been giving me a few pointers via e-mail on how to make my blog "followable" and how to put my mug shot on the top of it. Sweet Redeemer, I am a techy idiot. 

Anyways, I accomplished it with about 50 e-mails back 'n forth, then she starts talkin' 'bout something called skype. Now I have to check that out.

I am heading out for an extended weekend break and none too soon let me tell ya. This long and unusually cold (for St. John's) winter is tough on these aging bones and my motorcycle rider psyche. Anyway, the school year has passed the halfway mark, so thankfully it's downhill from here. Tomorrow promises the possibility of a snow day...the only perk of winter as a teacher. Maybe spring will come a bit early. I was actually hopeful of that a couple of weeks ago, back in late January. We had a lot of snow and frigid temps for December , which is usually  a mix of sleet, rain fog and wet snow with temps anywhere  from -5 to  6 or 7 degrees. Then,  later in January, usually the colder month, we had a week of rain that nearly melted all the snow and temps up to 12...with lots of fog. I actually rode in January for the first time ever...though the fog was so thick I missed a few exits coming of the TCH. I thought, OK...a few rides through the winter...I'll make it. Nope! February has been it's usually bitter temps and lots of snow.

I am living vicariously through Sass and a few other bloggers and it is helping. Maybe when I figure out this skype thing I'll really get a sense of life in the warmer climes. 

See ya Out There!!! Ride Onnnnn....


  1. So GREAT talking to you and SEEING you on Skype ! You are definitely a quick learner.

    Now PARAGRAPHS - instead of run on sentences - makes it easier to read.

  2. Oh BTW, Take that damn verification thing OFF !!